Promo Playbook

chill-n-go, Inc. is multi-faceted. At its root and foundation is over four decades of textile manufacturing experience, a plant of equipment, and an amazingly talented group - most of whom have decades of tenure. With those attributes, the company branches into three main areas of production; chill-n-go®, OEM, and the promotional products industry. This is one of three playbooks defining the distinctions, offering clarity and assurance, and showing the normal steps and flow of the process.

We understand you may not wish to wade through all of this – you just have a simple question or two, or wish to chat a moment. Please do not hesitate a moment to call Lisa, Ben or Bill at 800 323-5013 or 916 631-0101.

Common Thread

There are common company attributes or characteristics that span our three service areas. They at once define, limit, and broaden our applicability depending on the perspective:

  1. chill-n-go, Inc. is a domestic manufacturer.  As such:
    1. Compared to off-shore production, our pricing will be higher.
    2. In tandem, our 'normal' order quantities will be less.  There are no minimum orders.
    3. Time; we work and think in days, not weeks or months
  2. We normally manufacture 'tools' versus discretionary consumable items.
    1. These are textile solutions of specific function and use – usually designed 'around' an item with focus on protection and portage.
  3. The focus is on quality and service.
    1. Simply stated – we work with our customers and clients – we do not work at them.
    2. We meld over 40 years of textile experience, individual skilled craftspeople with decades of tenure, and state-of-the-art equipment to produce the highest quality product. 

chill-n-go® vs. chill-n-go, Inc.

chill-n-go, Inc. does produce the chill-n-go® line of wine and spirit portage products. chill-n-go, Inc. does, on demand, manufacture and sell these items directly to its business customers. These trademarked items carry one price list based on cost to manufacture; this pricing is published and available to any business. Founded in the invention and patenting the One Bottle and Two Bottle wine bags, these trademarked items are the continuing evolution of over four decades. These are tools - designed and manufactured from the results of working with and listening to end user professionals. Where an embroidered or etched logo may brand the item, it's value is as a tool. Our goal is to manufacture the highest quality tool, support it, and then continue the refining to higher quality and greater purpose. The focus is not least cost, discretionary, consumable; the focus is quality, purpose, durability, longevity and service.

Other Products

chill-n-go, Inc. also manufactures a host of products that are neither trademarked or wine/spirit oriented. The 'manufacturer' or 'source' tag is often that of the promotional marketing company - perhaps accompanied by a Made in USA tag. This is very similar to the OEM services CNG provides with the exception of repetition or re-order likelihood.

Here are two among several promotional marketing companies (ASI) that we work with on a consistent basis. We invite you to reach out; find out about our performance, our service and our timeliness;

Landsberg Promotions Sharon Lazarow                818 640-7189
Coyote Marketing International Kim Chapman     707 933-1311

What Are We Building?

Generally, chill-n-go, Inc. manufactures bags, cases and covers from high-weight, high-denier cotton, polyester and nylon fabrics. These products usually serve a specific purpose and require more design thought/effort than simply a height, width, depth measurement. The customer expectations are for a higher quality product, and more often than not, high quality adornment. The range of possible products is too wide to enumerate. A few examples:

  1. Cases: the intent being portage and/or protection, most notably in the medical or scientific device fields, but with diversity from lighting fixtures to voting machine cases.
  2. Covers: the intent being protection and/or containment. From cement-mixer drum covers to food display cases to scientific instrument dust covers.
  3. Bags; the intent either/or portage/protection. Similar to cases in purpose but more commonly styled and perhaps multi-purpose.

Does It Portray An Image?

chill-n-go vertically integrates embroidery and laser etching, and can work with your screen printer if desired. This integration occurs early in the manufacturing process before assemblage.

  1. Embroidery: We use Tajima embroidery machines and Pulse DGML digitizing software.  We embroider across the range of fabric weights and, with limitations, leathers.
  2. Laser Etching: We use BOSS Laser Engraving equipment to etch, and in some cases dye, leathers.  Laser etching and dying leathers presents a striking image, it is accompanied with limitations.  Not all leathers accept etching in an acceptable manner; and not all leathers that can be etched can be dyed.
  3. Screen printing is accommodated via a panel program.  Once the order is cut the panels to be imprinted are prepared for shipment to your screen printer.  The top panel is clearly oriented and marked for reference.  The printed panels are returned and folded into the assemblage process.

Let's Talk

Make the call or send the email. Let's discuss the project and our abilities to serve you. If it was easy, it's already being done, most likely in Asia. We do what can't be done elsewhere – we do it with the utmost attention to quality, service and timeliness – we do it with urgency and clarity. We are at your service.

Proofing & Pricing

Once a need is defined and parameters are understood our design/build team will develop a prototype. Ideally, the prototype becomes the proof we present to you, but in many cases the experience and learning will drive a second build effort that yields a Pre-Production Proof.

This proofing effort also provides accurate labor and material data. The data is entered into an app that then provides a cost breakdown as well as unit and discounted pricing. A unit cost and discount pricing table is presented with the Pre-Production Proof.

The proofing process includes adornment – usually embroidery. Concurrent with the design/build process, provided art is digitized and proven before application to the Pre-Production Proof. The pricing table presents both 'blank' and adorned unit costs/discounts.

This process and all of the results are proprietary to you and your company. They are not published or available in the public domain.

Let's Get To Work

Approval obtained, your project is immediately 'released to production'. Your pattern is digitized and fabric cut on a computerized cutting table. Networked embroidery machines reach out for your stitch file and panels are adorned. Webbing, zippers, bindings, etc. are cut and any pre-assembly work begins. With all components ready the project moves through production with each unit landing on the QC table for final trimming, inspection and packaging.

Ship or DSOD?

chill-n-go, Inc. partners with Federal Express for domestic and international shipping. Our normal and usually least cost shipping method is a 3-day service in the continental US. We are more than happy to use your Fed Ex account at the service level you specify. You may rest assured that your shipment does not identity origin – it is 'shipped blind'.

DSOD (drop ship on demand) is available at no added cost. This fulfillment service provides these benefits:

  1. Shipping costs are incurred one time – manufacturer to end user.
  2. Your or your customer's warehouse space is not required.
  3. Your or your customer's inventory administration and management costs are eliminated.

Refine And Repeat

Every project is a learning curve. We listen to your input, critique and recommendations. Back to working with you, not at you; our mission is to exceed your expectations and build a long term working relationship grounded in honesty and urgency, coupled with exceptional manufacturing quality and service.

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