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Custom portage for the Wine and Spirit industries

The order and manufacturing processes; from the quick basics of ordering embroidered or laser-etched bags, to everything about the order flow.


Original Equipment Manufacturing

Development and continued manufacturing of specific customized textile solutions for transport and protection. These items bear our clients mark.


We respect the 'single-source' concept.

We are pleased to work with promotional marketing and intermediary companies in developing and manufacturing textile solutions.

Great Support

Our Focus

We recognize that perhaps the largest single challenge we face is staying in direct contact with the end user.  We respect and appreciate that larger business models and economies of scale force distance between the 'buyer' and the end user,  but never shall we confuse or interchange the distinctions.  The buyer is our customer; his or her Company is our customer; but the end user is truly the focus of our work.

Our Commitment

Where the strength and depth of our experience join the unwavering commitment to our customers – to the 'end user' whose livelihood depends on the tools he/she deploys.  If we made it, we guarantee it.  Domestic products are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship as long as you own the product.  If it fails in any respect, we want to know and we want to fix it. Please feel free to contact us.


It is almost always education and the sharing of real-life experience. It is guidance more than direction. It is helping to find and assemble the correct logic path enabling the customer to make the right decision – their decision – and it may not include us.

Process & Production Support

The goal is to instill confidence. It is willingly and immediately providing the pre-production proof; the last minute change of a ship-to address; an addition or subtraction of an order quantity. It is clear and accurate communications and transparency in production and progress.

Who We Are

Our Company

Our Company

chill-n-go, Inc is fully integrated textile manufacturing: pattern making; cutting rolled goods and leathers; embroidered adornment; skilled sewing assemblage; packaging; QC; fulfillment.

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Our History

Our History

Founded as Go Lightly Manufacturing in the SF Bay Area, Chill-N-Go was established in 1977. Rancho Cordova (located near Sacramento, CA) has been the company's home since 1987.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Avail efficiently assembled human resources and mechanical assets to companies and individuals seeking a custom manufactured textile solution or associated service.

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Drop Ship
Drop Ship Services

Buy now and ship later. On demand shipping made easy. You take the discount - we take the storage and administration costs. Ship once for big savings on your inventory.

Laser Engraving
Laser Engraving

We offer laser engraving on select leathers.  Engraving allows precision adornment in making a most subtle statement all in keeping with the respect fine leather deserves.

Your Bridge

These folks work for Production – Production works for you.
Bill Estberg
Bill Estberg

Customer Service / Operations

Lisa Rose
Lisa Rose

Customer Service / Finance

Hiep Bui
Hiep Bui

VP / Production

Ben Estberg
Ben Estberg

Customer Service / Logistics

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