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  • The Tariffs Are Here!!

    Please note our current price list reflects the new tariffs (applicalbe to import WOW bags ONLY). For inventory we've recevied prior to Tariff implementation, we will revert the unit cost to the previous price. Thanks for your understanding!


    We’re listening! As a result, four new Ride-On bags for the existing Wine on Wheels lineup. Two sizes – small and large. Large version fits WOW Case and WOW Cube; small version fits these two plus the WOW Traveler. Two versions – utility and glass/bottle. Utility houses tablecloth, bowl, table ware, pullers and most else you’ll need. Glass/bottle does just that – more bottles and/or glasses. Semi-configurable dividers for maximum flexibility. Check them out starting here.


    The Four Bottle Backpack is a huge hit, especially in NYC. Meet its little brother; same structured style; same ‘extreme’ bottle separation; net-book/I-Pad space; superior fabrics and craftsmanship.

    Made right here in the USA.
  • Coming Soon

    Second half 2018 – apps we think you’ll love. First up our DSOD customers will command inventory and shipping. Next up: re-order. More on this as development occurs. We’ll be reaching out individually to insure your account, your history, your art, your address list – and a million more details – are tailored for you and your company. Stay tuned!


    April 1 will see all WOW bags equipped with a new wheel system. The current ‘single-unit’ (housing, wheel and all internal parts) is replaced with a component system allowing bearing maintenance and/or replacement. Bearings are common to local skate shop, Amazon, or chill-n-go. Retro fit kits will be available as well.

  • New Cube

    As promised in earlier news, 4/1 brings the new Cube – handles galore – just like the latest WOW Traveler version. With the new wheel system, this bag takes a huge leap forward – especially in NYC.

  • Down Under

    chill-n-go® hits the Land of Oz! MacPhee's Party Ltd. and chill-n-go reach distribution agreement. Wine/spirit portage gets a little easier and less expensive in Australia and New Zealand - give Craig a call to see how it works for you.

  • WOW Traveler

    Now equipped with back, top and side handles.

  • Four Bottle Backpack

    2017's hottest 4 bottle transport. Spirits folks love this one too.

  • Laser Engraving Available

    Engraving allows precision adornment in making a subtle statement - all in keeping with the respect that fine leathers deserve.

  • On Demand Shipping

    You take the discount – we take the storage/admin costs. Ship once = save big.

  • Cube bags now in 1200d fabric

    In stock today, the new 1200d upgraded version of the 6623 Cube.

  • Encore 12 Shipper

    A shipping system that allows both the professional and aficionado the ease of airport check-in/arrival case handling. Read More

  • Encore 6x2 Shipper

    Thoughtful, ease, secure and segmented system for airport check-in/arrival case management, and checked baggage air transport. Read More

  • 6669 - Two Bottle Traveler

    New addition to the proven traveler series, now in a two bottle style. Perfect for any occasion.

  • Floor 13

    Upgraded metal hardware, nylon seat-belt webbing, and contrast stitching set our new Floor 13 Series apart from the rest.


  • Cellar Briefcase
    Cellar Briefcase

  • Chill Packs & Accessories

  • Deluxe Chill Packs & Accessories
  • Convertible Six Bottle Salesperson
    Convertible Six Bottle Salesperson
  • Encore 12 Shipper
    Encore 12 Shipper
  • Encore 6 x 2 Shipper
    Encore 6 x 2 Shipper
  • Estate Briefcase
    Estate Briefcase
  • Four Bottle Backpack
    Four Bottle Backpack
  • Four Bottle Salesperson
    Four Bottle Salesperson
  • Four Bottle Traveler
    Four Bottle Traveler
  • Full Table Cover, 6'
    Full Table Cover, 6'
  • Full Table Cover, 8'
    Full Table Cover, 8'
  • Mag Two
    Mag Two
  • One Bottle Bag
    One Bottle Bag
  • Sail Bag
    Sail Bag
  • Simple Table Cloth
    Simple Table Cloth
  • Six Bottle Lite
    Six Bottle Lite
  • Six Bottle Salesperson
    Six Bottle Salesperson
  • Six Bottle Traveler
    Six Bottle Traveler
  • Square Table Drape
    Square Table Drape
  • 17” Table Banner
    17” Table Banner
  • 27” Table Banner
    27” Table Banner
  • Three Bottle Backpack
    Three Bottle Backpack
  • Three Bottle
    Three Bottle
  • Three Bottle Salesperson
    Three Bottle Salesperson
  • Twelve Bottle Trunk
    Twelve Bottle Trunk
  • Two Bottle
    Two Bottle
  • Two Bottle Bodega
    Two Bottle Bodega
  • Two Bottle Traveler
    Two Bottle Traveler
  • Vintage Two Bottle
    Vintage Two Bottle
  • WOW Traveler
    WOW Traveler
  • WOW-6
  • WOW Cube
    WOW Cube
  • WOW-9
  • WOW Case
    WOW Case

Customer Testimonials

“Hi Lisa, just so you know, without even watching the video, the instructions that came with the kit to change out the bearings on my wheels was so well written, that if you follow them, it will take you less than 15 minutes to do the job for both wheels.”

Empire Merchants LLc NYGary Farkash

“I received our bags and they look perfect!! Thank you so much for all your help and getting this order quickly to us!”

Redoux WineKatie Drake

“Customer service is a serious thing for you guys. Thanks so much. Really impressive. Have a wonderful day Lisa”

Southern Glazer’sGen Domenico Intermaggio

“Thank you Lisa, they arrived yesterday! That sure was fasts, you guys are great!

Frey Vineyards, Ltd.Cathie Nicolaus

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