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  • Down Under

    chill-n-go® hits the Land of Oz! MacPhee's Party Ltd. and chill-n-go reach distribution agreement. Wine/spirit portage gets a little easier and less expensive in Australia and New Zealand - give Craig a call to see how it works for you.

  • WOW Traveler

    Now equipped with back, top and side handles.

  • WOW Cube

    Coming Soon (late Spring 2018), will have same back, top and side handles - as well as new shoulder strap.

  • Four Bottle Backpack

    2017's hottest 4 bottle transport. Spirits folks love this one too.

  • Laser Engraving Available

    Engraving allows precision adornment in making a subtle statement - all in keeping with the respect that fine leathers deserve.

  • On Demand Shipping

    You take the discount – we take the storage/admin costs. Ship once = save big.

  • Cube bags now in 1200d fabric

    In stock today, the new 1200d upgraded version of the 6623 Cube.

  • Encore 12 Shipper

    A shipping system that allows both the professional and aficionado the ease of airport check-in/arrival case handling. Read More

  • Encore 6x2 Shipper

    Thoughtful, ease, secure and segmented system for airport check-in/arrival case management, and checked baggage air transport. Read More

  • 6669 - Two Bottle Traveler

    New addition to the proven traveler series, now in a two bottle style. Perfect for any occasion.

  • Floor 13

    Upgraded metal hardware, nylon seat-belt webbing, and contrast stitching set our new Floor 13 Series apart from the rest.


  • Cellar Briefcase
    Cellar Briefcase

  • Chill Packs & Accessories

  • Deluxe Chill Packs & Accessories
  • Convertible Six Bottle Salesperson
    Convertible Six Bottle Salesperson
  • Encore 12 Shipper
    Encore 12 Shipper
  • Encore 6 x 2 Shipper
    Encore 6 x 2 Shipper
  • Estate Briefcase
    Estate Briefcase
  • Four Bottle Backpack
    Four Bottle Backpack
  • Four Bottle Salesperson
    Four Bottle Salesperson
  • Four Bottle Traveler
    Four Bottle Traveler
  • Full Table Cover, 6'
    Full Table Cover, 6'
  • Full Table Cover, 8'
    Full Table Cover, 8'
  • Mag Two
    Mag Two
  • One Bottle Bag
    One Bottle Bag
  • Sail Bag
    Sail Bag
  • Simple Table Cloth
    Simple Table Cloth
  • Six Bottle Lite
    Six Bottle Lite
  • Six Bottle Salesperson
    Six Bottle Salesperson
  • Six Bottle Traveler
    Six Bottle Traveler
  • Square Table Drape
    Square Table Drape
  • 17” Table Banner
    17” Table Banner
  • 27” Table Banner
    27” Table Banner
  • Three Bottle Backpack
    Three Bottle Backpack
  • Three Bottle
    Three Bottle
  • Three Bottle Salesperson
    Three Bottle Salesperson
  • Twelve Bottle Trunk
    Twelve Bottle Trunk
  • Two Bottle
    Two Bottle
  • Two Bottle Bodega
    Two Bottle Bodega
  • Two Bottle Traveler
    Two Bottle Traveler
  • Vintage Two Bottle
    Vintage Two Bottle
  • WOW Traveler
    WOW Traveler
  • WOW-6
  • WOW Cube
    WOW Cube
  • WOW-9
  • WOW Case
    WOW Case

Customer Testimonials

“Customer service is a serious thing for you guys. Thanks so much. Really impressive. Have a wonderful day Lisa”

Southern Glazer’sGen Domenico Intermaggio

“Thank you Lisa, they arrived yesterday! That sure was fasts, you guys are great!

Frey Vineyards, Ltd.Cathie Nicolaus

“Hey Bill, I have been traveling again like good ole days doing what I'm supposed to do: selling wine and helping my distributors sell wine. I'm getting a lot of use out of the bag/cover you made for us to check a couple of shipper boxes of wine as luggage, then remove the wheels and toss the boxes for the trip home. Works like a charm; if only it were so with everything I buy. Thought I'd let you know you're good work is appreciated. Hope you guys are well.”

Cordelina Wine CompanyVince Friend
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